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About Erikka Mraule

I Studied massage and connective tissue therapy at the Scherer Institute Of Natural Healing In Santa Fe, New Mexico, from 2000-2001.  The Program focused on foundations of healing on a spiritual, physiological and structural approach.  Connective tissue and Structural Integration work are the foundation on which I base my practice.   When any part of the body is out of balance in gravity, it can cause both physical as well as emotional stress.  Attaining balance through the movement of fascial tissue and deeper musculature, can be of great benefit to many degenerative conditions of the body.  The Incorporation of different modalities may vary in treatments to meet the goals of both client and therapist.  I hope you enjoy!



Relax, Renew, Rebalance

Each treatment begins with a consultation, a breif intake outlining  past and current medical, accident, and injury information, and a postural assessment, to ensure the right treament is appropriated for the issues most pertinent to each client.

60 minute treatment $80

A full 60 minutes of hands on bodywork, based on prior assessment.  This may include anything from a facilitated stretching session, swedish massage, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release, Specific injury treatment, Trigger point work, Hot Stone Therapy, or a blend of treatments.  


90 minute treatment $100

Please ask about seasonal, group, and special event pricing.  




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